Published on January 1, 0001

Realistic expectations

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Successful interactions with the world require realistic expectations about the world. This video addresses the role of the media in developing realistic expectations.

  • The role of realistic expectations

    • If your expectations about the world are wrong: the world will prove you wrong and you will be faced with the consequences of your erroneous expect
  • Role of the media:

    • Worse than mainstream media reflects very low realism
    • Mainstream media is for a mainstream audience and it is usually not very respectful towards the highest possible quality information
    • Better than mainstream media is highly respectful of the best possible information available
  • Worldview:

    • Pathological worldview: you create your own problems (coping trap)
    • Normal worldview: you create as many problems as you solve (a combination of coping and co-creation )
    • Healthy worldview: you prevent and solve more problems than you create (mostly co-creation in combination with effective coping)